Strongly Correlated Phenomena in Quantum Field Theory, Nanophysics and Hydrodynamics

(12–15 December 2005, ICTP Trieste, Italy)

Workshop organized by the L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

A. Belavin Veneziano amplitudes in Polyakov String Theory
G. Boffetta Two-dimensional turbulence: a review
I. Burmistrov Have instantons been found experimentally?
A. Celani Conformal invariance in two-dimensional turbulence
O. Dimitrova 2D SNS junction with Rashba spin-orbit interaction
K. Efetov Bosonization and renormalization group for a clean Fermi gas with a repulsion in arbitrary dimensions
R. Fazio Entropy dynamics in Heisenberg chains
M. Feigel'man Nonsuperfluid Bose liquid at T = 0: why it is interesting and how it might be possible
Ya. Fominov Minigap in superconductor–ferromagnet junctions with inhomogeneous magnetization
A. Gamba Phase separation in eukaryotic chemotaxis
V. Geshkenbein Free energy distribution of the (1+1)-dimensional random directed polymer problem
A. Ioselevich Universal temperature dependence of the conductivity of a strongly disordered granular metal
A. Kamenshchik     Smooth crossing of the phantom divide line in some cosmological models of dark energy
E. Kats Semiclassical model of ultrafast photoisomerization reactions
S. Korshunov Uniformly frustrated XY model without a vortex-pattern ordering
M. Lashkevich On the form factors in the perturbed minimal model
V. Lebedev Passive scalar evolution in peripheral region
A. Litvinov 3-point correlation function in Quantum Toda Field Theory
Yu. Makhlin Landau-Zener interferometry with superconducting qubits
A. Mirlin Wave function statistics and multifractality in disordered systems
S. Parkhomenko Free-field approach to D-branes in Gepner models
I. Protopopov Coherent transport in Josephson-junction rhombi chain with quenched disorder
A. Starobinsky Recent progress in the theory of the origin of large-scale correlation and structure in the Universe
V. Steinberg Role of elastic stress in statistical and scaling properties of elastic turbulence
K. Turitsyn Polymer conformation statistics in shear flows
S. S. Vergeles Spatial dependence of passive scalar correlation functions in decaying problem in random smooth velocity field
O. Zaboronski Constant flux relation in non-equilibrium statistical physics